Testimonial from Stephanie Belding:

Working with John at The Dirt allows me to get out of my own way while staying in my lane. I’m always looking for ways to stay loose while digging deeper into the work without getting hung up on old (bad) habits or tricks, or letting fear of failure and stagnation lead the way. I don’t get to muscle through here.

As a coach, John’s generosity towards the actor and their work is limitless- he facilitates a safe space to explore, create, and grow which creates confidence and ease on set, regardless of the circumstances. Often times I’ve been in classes where I’m in performance mode and don’t get the opportunity to dig down and open it up, seeing what potential may arise. John encourages us to step back in over and over again and to stay courageous with the work. There’s no fear or judgement here for me anymore, just a deep renewed sense of joy and excitement about working out.

If you’re looking for a place to really play and explore the work while witnessing and sharing in the development of colleagues and peers, The Dirt is where it’s at. There’s joy here. That’s a great thing. That’s John. And the music and chat before hand are stellar…

Stephanie’s credits: Cardinal, Shadowhunters, Workin’ Moms

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