Demo Reels

Your reel is not your résumé. Your résumé is your résumé. Your reel is your sales pitch. It’s your way of showing the viewer what you can do and/or what you want to do.

A reel is a composition of a few carefully selected clips from your repertoire that, when assembled in a particular order and cut to a particular length, will grab the viewers attention and leave them wanting more. The demo reel is as important as your résumé and headshot, yet is too often neglected by the actor. Having a strong demo reel is a valuable tool and you should take advantage of it.

Editing technician or editor?
The difference between an editing technician and an editor is the difference between a typist and a writer. An editor will not only understand the technology behind the art form, an editor will understand the art form, and use it to produce a reel that makes an impression. In addition to the technical knowledge of the editing process, I’m also an actor myself and have studied acting and film extensively over the last decade. Having a strong understanding of where an actor is coming from allows me to have a unique perspective when choosing the best moments to showcase your abilities. I approach your reel with a performers mindset and I always try to make demo reels that I myself would want.

Demo Reel Services Offered:

Professional reels 
These are demo reels comprised of professional work from film and TV. They are used as self promotion tools and are often uploaded and attached to the actor’s profile on Casting Workbook and Breakdown Services. They are meant to be viewed by industry professionals. These are great for actors who are satisfied with their representation but want to expand their toolbox and online profile or for established actors seeking new representation.

Student reels
These are demo reels comprised of on-camera classroom work. T hey are used to help new actors find their first agent, or to help struggling actors find a new agent. Except in unusual circumstances, these reels should not be shown to casting directors. Student reels are crafted to get an agent’s attention.

Process of creating the Demo Reel:  Click on PDF Demo Reel Process


Flat rate:
$200 (includes HST).
Demo is sent to you via Dropbox or Hightail and is formatted for easy upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Casting Workbook, Actors Access, and Breakdown Services.

3 DVDs are also included if desired however additional DVD’s can be negotiated if required. (Honestly, most people opt out of the DVDs, it is 2015 after all and they will probably just collect dust.)

Booked something recently? That show you were on is finally on air?
If you need update a previous demo that we have already cut. Updates are available at a substantially reduced rate.

Don’t have any professional footage? Don’t want to use scenes from class? We also offer an in-house production service where we can shoot professional quality scenes (at The Dirt Underneath) for your reel. Email for details and quotes.

Sending your files
We can often do the entire process digitally. You send me your scenes via Dropbox, or Hightail and once I have the files I’ll begin the editing process and start piecing the whole thing together remotely. If your scenes are on DVD’s, you can drop them off at your convenience and I’ll export them manually. In either situation, I like to set up a shared folder between our computers. Dropbox is a great tool for this because I can send you a rough cut that you can watch, and give me any notes you might have, before we export a final product. These programs are free, easy to use, and work great.

If you have any questions about the process, or are interested in getting started, send an email to Ian Fisher at


“Ian was an easy pleasure to work with.  He communicated well with me as we worked together to pick moments from scenes I wanted to use and followed through with timelines we had set to get the job done.  Always important in my book to work with people who have personal integrity!  His cost was very fair and I am very pleased with the result.  I had multiple agency meetings within a week of sending out the demo – Thanks Ian!”  -Lori Ravensborg/Actor (Fargo, Blackstone)

“Ian Fisher cuts together Demo Reels with the precision of a medical surgeon.  A pilot called “Fishers Anatomy” is currently in pre-production, it follows the lives of Demo Reel interns and residents at the fictional Sloan Memorial Film Institute. Seriously, he’s top notch.”  -Altair Vincent/Actor (The Transporter, Debbie Does Dallas, Beauty & The Beast)

“Ian Fisher’s work on my reel was amazing!  His experience as an actor really added insight and my reel continues to garner compliments and help me get work.  He was extremely patient with me and I recommend him to any actor looking for a professional and kick ass reel!”  -Jenna Harder/Actor (LESlieVille, Patron’s pick fringe production of Skunkweed)

“Ian is a creative and open-minded artist, who always has excellent ideas for what makes an unforgettable reel.  He’s open to input, a great communicator and understands what people in the industry are looking for.”  -Damien Williams/Actor

“The demo worked like a charm for it’s intended purpose and has done me wonders in general. I have nothing but good things to say.”  -Kyle Bell/Actor (Handsome Devils)