Courses + Coaching

We have different offerings depending on your acting goals, time frame + focus of study:

We typically run 6 sessions per year – each session will last 4-6 weeks. Classes will either be weekly or twice per week over the session period.

Example: JG’s Scene Study or PNB’s Voice Study

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Students can commit to a package of study over a 3-6 week period of time.

Example: SM’s Self-Tape Study or CC’s Money 101: Business Coaching for Actors

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Students can register for an individual workshop, usually 1.5-2 hours in duration.

Example: CC’s Financial and Coaching + Mindfulness Workshops

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Private Coaching: Students can study with an individual instructor.

Hourly Rates:

JG = $96 inc. hst. –

SM = $80 inc. hst. –

PNB = $80 inc. hst. –

CC Coaching = $125 –

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The Dirt allows me to safely take risks and look at the
variety of ways one can play words off the page. I laugh, I cry, I surprise myself, I fall on my face then get back up and always go back for more.

Delphine Roussel

If you’re looking for a place to really play and explore the work while witnessing and sharing in the development of colleagues and peers, The Dirt is where it’s at. There’s joy here. That’s a great thing. 

Stephanie Belding

Come practice with us…