Intro Classes

The Sandbox Intensive (Acting Foundations) w/ Shaun McComb

Saturdays 11:00am-2:30pm

The Sandbox Intensive provides the curious adult with an introduction to the principles and practices of what it means to believably act on-camera for naturalistic and professional results.

The exercises and script based work aims to connect the real make-believe experiences of acting with some universal theories and techniques of the art form.

Stagecraft and the feel of camera shots will be covered while we learn how to rely on story and to trust imaginative indulgences.

Areas of focus will include:

  • Story analysis
  • Character
  • “Play”
  • Relationship
  • Environment
  • Emotion

If you’ve wondered what acting is, or what The Dirt Underneath Actors’ Space is all about, or you’re returning to acting, then we recommend The Sandbox Intensive for you. It’s not a bootcamp, but there’s a trajectory. Students will primarily work on scripted scenes from day one, but there will be exercises – different than theatre games – to start every class.

Max: 10 students

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IN-PERSON One session (4 classes) $375 inc. hst
Early-bird rate$325 inc. hst
Payment can be sent by e-transfer to

Taking the Sandbox Intensive absolutely changed everything for me. Prior to working with Shaun, I had worked with many coaches who offered me little to no foundation and no structure when it came to approaching a scene. I was lost, confused, and overwhelmed when I got auditions. Then, I decided to take acting foundations with Shaun and it all changed very quickly. 

From the first class, I realized how important this class is for EVERY actor to take no matter your experience level because it offers a solid foundation into the world of acting. 

Yarine Pernia