Jonelle Gunderson

Jonelle joined The Dirt in 2022 – she teaches actors how to use movement to inhabit their characters.

What People Say About Jonelle’s Teaching Style:

Jonelle’s workshops have taught me how to work with my tension, not against it, and to see my body (especially my spine) as a moving thing, as opposed to striving to hold the “correct” posture all the time. This made a huge difference on camera! I felt so much more grounded after her sessions, and felt free to explore tension in my on camera work.
I’ve done so many movement workshops where it feels like I’m striving for the “correct” posture and that I’m failing when I lose it. Jonelle reminded me that my spine is a moving thing and that it’s okay for things to shift!
Her teaching style is very supportive and she encourages a dialogue. She taught me to work with my tension, which made such a difference on camera.
I’d recommend her workshops to anyone!

Ashlyn Kusch

Jonelle creates such a safe and welcoming space to move and create in.
She approaches all of her movement work from an actor perspective which I absolutely love. 

Amy Keating

Working with Jonelle in her movement class really opened up my eyes to a part of acting I never paid attention to nor did I know had such significance on performance. From learning the basic alignment of our spines and bodies, body warm ups, different techniques to feel and be more open, etc., I feel so much better about my body and being grounded when acting. She is also an excellent teacher who is kind, considerate, intellectual, and coached each of us one on one in a very helpful and connective way. I highly recommend this class and Jonelle to anyone wanting to explore this part of acting more! 

Monique Cote

I can’t wait for Jonelle to do more classes with the Dirt – I really feel her practice will enhance anyone’s on-camera or other acting work.
It was refreshing to go to a Movement class where there was an invitation to be in dialogue with the practice and work with your own unique body, to notice the tensions that arise and be able to work with them.
Jonelle provides such a supportive and informative environment and uses practical examples to demonstrate how this work can not only enhance your work but help sustain it in a healthy and positive way.

Zara Jestadt

Working with Jonelle was a true feel-good experience.
She is a clear communicator and dynamic leader with the innate ability to make those around her feel comfortable and seen.
I left our time together feeling out of my own way and far more present in the work. I can’t wait to work with her again. 🙂

Jenna-Lee Hyde

Jonelle is absolutely fantastic and I very much liked the environment and headspace we were put in and may consider such a class in the future!
Jonelle has such an inviting energy that she brings to her class.
She uses examples from her own experiences to emphasize how Mitzvah technique can enhance an actor’s performance and readiness to play.
Her class is an amazing place to explore new ways to move.
It is not to be missed!

Mona Hillis

I was interested in the movement class with Jonelle due to my understanding that it would help make me a better actor.
There were many valuable tips that I learned including trying to do the same action but with 10% effort, and touching the emotion but not staying there.
Jonelle is absolutely fantastic and I loved the environment and headspace we were put in!

Yi-Jin Chun

Jonelle‘s class is extremely practical. All the tasks she provides are rooted in her experience as a dramatic actor and physical performer. It was so cool to observe how through the simple settings a different kind of energy aligns and flows. These were enormously helpful tools in warm up, observations on the body, preparation to act, research the character. A very encouraging and pretty rare workshop for those who search for the right physical mode to go on stage and perform fearlessly.

Mariya Khomutova

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