Laban Movement Classes

Laban classes are taught by Pascal Langdale

Short video on how Laban classes work…

1. Intro to Laban:

Goal of class: To give students a firm foundation in Laban principles, not starting with theory but led instead with embodied practice. The object is to get students familiar enough with the qualities from an experiential process, named using Laban Terms, ready for the subsequent Advanced Laban (Character and Camera) class.

Format: 3 x 2hr classes, establishing Laban terms and qualities, in freely improvised movement warm ups.

Maximum number of students: 6 students

2. Advanced Laban (Character + Camera):

Goal: To educate students on how to apply Laban principles and practice to characters, in any medium and in any performance scale. Using a variety of script-based exercises, students will learn how to use Transformation Drives for extreme transitions often associated with method “Beats”.

This will be done primarily with little overt focus on acting, but rather creating performance through physicality and allowing psychology and emotion to become part of a feedback loop. This establishes the level of automatic control of physicality with a level of improvisation underlying a script. Final performances will be filmed to be able to scale to requirements of different media.

FORMAT: (PRE CLASS) Students will pick their favourite filmed performance that melds character with physicality. They will work on understanding it in Laban terms. Their choice will be confirmed in the first class. 

Classes will use the chosen scripts to increase the range and sense of physical play as performers.

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Intro: 3 week session (2 hours per week)
$275 inc hst
Early-bird rate $225
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3 week session (2 hours per week)
$325 inc hst
Early-bird rate $275
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