Movement Classes

Classes taught by Jonelle Gunderson

Movement + Character Embodiment Class:

Jonelle Gunderson will be teaching a 3-class series (2 hours per week) that will be both practical and investigative — getting you out of your head and into your body, and ready to create a physical character by offering up tools that will help you embody them on stage & screen.

Jonelle will be drawing from various backgrounds, but primarily her training to become a teacher of the Mitzvah Technique (very similar to Alexander). 

Each two-hour class will focus on two parts:

Hour one: We will be looking at a series of simple exercises used to focus the mind, free the spine, and ‘drop in’ to the inter-sensory experience. We will use a combination of floor, chair, and standing work. This is not a dance or choreography class – students will be able to benefit from the exercises regardless of your movement background.

Hour two: Each student will get 30 minutes of dedicated time during the 3-week session to work on physical character building within a role of their choosing.

This can be:

  • a role from a past or upcoming class
  • a role from a past or upcoming audition
  • a character you are interested in exploring in your own creative work

Who would benefit from this class? Someone who:

  • is interested in how physicality and movement can influence your acting work
  • is looking to feel more ‘in your body’ and confident
  • has often wondered where to begin creating a physical character
  • can feel physically ‘locked’ during auditions or on-camera work

Maximum number of students: 6 students

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3 week session (2 hours per week)
$250 inc hst
Early-bird rate $225
Payment can be sent by e-tansfer to

Jonelle has such an inviting energy that she brings to her class.

Mona Hillis