Pascal Langdale: Movement Instructor

Pascal Langdale – Movement Instructor


Photo credit: Matthew Bennet

Pascal is a RADA trained actor with extensive experience in TV, Film, Voice and Video Game. He is a movement specialist with an expertise in Laban, Psycho-Physical Technique and nonverbal behaviour. A colleague once called Pascal the “Swiss Army Knife” of Mocap – a notoriously physical medium.

He teaches actors how to bring embodied characters to life – physically, emotionally, vocally and Psychologically – carefully structured exercises and practical techniques, all tested and proven in professional work. Pascal’s most recent Mocap work includes Far Cry 6, and the voice of Bagley in Watchdogs: Legion (Nominated for a Canadian Game Award), also contributing to many of the ‘Play as anyone’ NPC’s, as actor and movement director.

Classes Taught at The Dirt: Intro to Laban, Advanced Laban (Character + Camera)



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