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What People Say About Pascal’s Teaching Style:

The exploration of all the assorted concepts feels carefully guided, yet also completely individual and Pascal makes it his mission to make every part of the process intelligible, practical and comfortable. If you want a course that will help you take Laban theory and find a meaningful way to actually apply it in context, this is the one for you!
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Daniel C

I took Laban Technique a few weeks ago…and wow! I have taken a while to write a review as I feel any description I would give wouldn’t do it justice. Pascal does a wonderful job creating a safe and fun environment in which to explore movement without judgment.
If you are looking for ways to get in your body more/ out of your head/ or just explore a fun new way of doing things…this is it!
10/10 highly recommended!

Tara F

That this course will give you a great set of tools that get you in or back in the voice of the character, that can be very useful to anyone who spends time in the VO booth and from time to time feels constricted or pressured by it.

Cansin D

Pascal’s knowledge and understanding of Laban is extremely valuable to performers wanting to further explore physicalization and complete characterization in their work. His way of teaching the concepts, from the warm up all the way to applying them with text, helps ensure each student has a solid foundation before moving forward with the next step. Like the rest of the class, I walked away from this course feeling more confident in my character range and taking on roles further away from myself.

Amy E

I also took Pascal’s Intro to Laban Movement class. I am not a dancer or athlete, so I was a little intimidated going into it. But I came away feeling like I better understood how my psychology influences how I move. Not only that, but I am more confident that I can move the way my character moves. I highly recommend this class

Joyce C

An ideal introduction for those who have never worked with Laban as well as those who know the basics but are curious about how to apply them. Combining theory and practice, Pascal provides a thorough overview of the Laban framework, which is then put into practice through physical explorations, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the different Laban efforts in their own body. Throughout the course, we learned how to describe different movement qualities using Laban terms, discover our own physical heritage, “copy” another person’s physicality, and use Laban techniques to create distinct and nuanced physicalities for a character. I highly recommend this course for any actor looking to deepen their physical awareness and especially to those working in motion or performance capture

Amanda R

I walked away with immediately applicable tools, and the material was presented in a way that was easy to grasp with experience first, and theory second.
Laban is complex and experiencing even a basic level made it evident how vast its potential is, once the skills are developed enough to really “play” with the technique.

Trine J

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