If you have an audition for a project that is so good, and it reinforces your passion for acting, this is the reason to hire The Dirt for your self-tape.  We take the pressure cooker environment out of the equation by charging you the same rate for 60 or 90 minutes and we help you put the best performance you’re capable of giving onto tape.

All self-tape sessions come with coaching, experienced reader services, and high quality recording. 

Files can be shared through Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and WeTransfer. Please allow an hour for editing and file upload. 

Options for Booking:

  • Session at The Dirt with John Gordon coaching
  • Session at The Dirt with Shaun James McComb coaching
  • Sessions at a location of your choice with Shaun James McComb (area includes Toronto, Guelph or Kitchener/Waterloo)

Self-Tape Rates (all fees include HST and e-submission):
60-90 minute taping session: $140.00 (at The Dirt)
60-90 minute taping session: $120.00 (at your chosen location)
90-120 minute taping session: $200.00 (at The Dirt)
90-120 minute taping session: $180.00 (at your chosen location)


To book a self-tape please email Shaun James McComb directly at

Self-Tapes can be paid by sending an e-transfer to

**Self-tapes appointments are available with SJM between Monday and Thursdays. **


“A great experience! Eric (the camera director) and Ian (the reader) were both so patient and allowed me to really play with the takes. Felt like I had a lot of space to work.” – Alex Crowther (Reign, Beauty and the Beast)