Stephanie Carpanini (actor)

John has this beautiful gift of truly seeing you.  I’ve had the joy of training with John in his On-Camera Scene Study classes since 2018. When I found out he was teaching a Theatre Scene Study Weekend Intensive I jumped at the opportunity and was not disappointed. I left feeling inspired and invigorated by the work.

When you train with John, it’s always a collaborative experience as he meets you exactly where you’re at. His ability to make you feel safe and to encourage you to show up simply as yourself is unlike any teacher I’ve worked with.

John’s intuition and sensitivity to his students gives one the space to try anything and to explore ideas one would otherwise have been afraid to. It’s so easy to get bogged down and cynical by this industry, but somehow when I train with John I’m humbled again as he ignites the humor, honesty and freedom I seek in my work. 

Credits: (The Handmaid’s Tale, Carter, Private Eyes)