Money 101: Business Coaching for Actors

Money 101: Business Coaching for Actors + Creative Professionals w/Cynthia Chan

Do you have anxiety around your finances as an actor or as a creative professional?

This program has been designed by Cynthia to help you create a simple organizational system for your finances, with specific focus on saving for taxes (HST + personal instalments), emergency fund and responsible day-to-day spending.

Together in each coaching session, you + Cynthia will create spreadsheets + use other accounting tools to:
– track cash flow
– create an emergency fund for lean times during your acting career
– schedule tax remittances
– save money for fun/guilt-free purchases
– separate your earnings for paying down debt and/or long term savings

What is involved?
3 x 60 min coaching sessions
30 to 60 min of prep before each session

  • program can be completed between 3-6 weeks depending your needs + schedule

Fee: $450
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“As an actor, gig worker and self-employed person with multiple streams of income I have always struggled to stay organized financially.

After working with Cynthia on her ‘Actors Finances’ coaching program, she helped me implement a new system to organize my money responsibly in order to meet my current and future needs.

She provided real, actionable steps to realize my goals and with the follow up coaching sessions she held me accountable over time. I felt challenged and ultimately, empowered with the confidence to take my business to the next level.

Thank you Cynthia!”

Andrew Fleming