Residency Programme


This newly created Artist Residency Programme (ARP) will be awarded to one recipient on an annual basis.

The recipient will have free tuition and access to:

  1. One session (6 classes) with John Gordon (On-Camera Scene Study)
  2. One session (6 classes) with Shaun McComb (On-Camera Scene Study)
  3. One session (5-6 classes) with Peter N. Bailey (Voice Study)
  4. Three hours of business coaching with Cynthia Chan

Applications will be accepted for the 2022-23 Residency until April 30, 2022 (6:00pm EST)

Short-listed candidates will be granted an interview mid-May and the recipient of the 2022-2023 ARP will be notified by June 15, 2022.

The 2022-23 ARP will begin July 1, 2022 and end June 30, 2023.

ARP Information Package:


  1. Completed ARP Google Application Form including headshot + resume/artistic CV.
  2. Reference letter from a member of the artistic community.
  3. Personal essay (500-1000 words).
  4. Video submission – maximum 3 minutes demonstrating a sample of your art form.

What is the selection process?

What should I focus on in the Essay and Video portion of the application?

Essay (min. 500 words, max. 1000 words):
Please tell us your story, why you want to study acting at The Dirt + why you are applying for the ARP.

Video Submission (max. 3 minutes):
Please show us a sample of your art form (i.e. demo reel, monologue, dance, musical performance, scene you directed).

What will the selection committee be looking for when choosing the Residency recipient?

  • Applicant is curious and embracing of The Dirt’s philosophy towards acting and artistic pursuits.
  • Special consideration for people who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour).
  • Applicant has faced adversity + hardship while pursuing acting or another art form.
  • How will studying at The Dirt for a year impact the applicant’s artistic future?

What are the goals of creating the ARP?

  • encourages people to apply who otherwise felt that they weren’t able to
  • promotes equity, diversity and inclusion in our Dirt community
  • allows The Dirt to be able to give back to the acting community
  • gives The Dirt a way to connect with a wider artistic community

Who can apply to The Dirt’s ARP?

Anyone who has a passion for the arts can apply!

How do I apply?

Click here. The online application form will prompt you to upload all required documents.

Who can I contact for more information?

Cynthia Chan (Dirt’s Administrative Director) –


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