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More than any teacher I have ever worked with, John recognizes that good acting comes from being true to yourself not to some idea of who you need to be. In my work, he has encouraged a level of self-exploration that I have found not only beneficial to my acting career, but also to the way I see the world. I am without question a more open and generous actor than I was only a year ago and I have John’s continued guidance to thank for that.

Credits: (Co-Founder of The Howland Company, Punk Rock, NSFW, 52 Pick-Up, New Jerusalem)

We studied with John Gordon and he made us into the movie stars we are today. Okay, maybe not movie stars yet, but it’s coming pretty soon, we think. John helped us get present and get comfortable playing with the camera just like we play with audiences. And we had so much fun while we were doing it. It was like playtime…but we learned a lot (he’s sneaky like that).

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