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What People Say About Shaun’s Teaching Style:

I recently participated in The Dirt’s Sandbox Intensive with acting coach, Shaun McComb. As a non-actor, I was nervous and not just a little intimidated going into the experience. I wanted to gain a level of comfort presenting in front of people again, after COVID brought my work to a whole other level of introversion.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much Shaun’s curriculum could be applied to my daily life. So often, we go through the motions without “actually” paying attention and responding to the subtleties and nuances of situations and interactions with people in our lives.

This course brought this concept to life for me and I can see how it will make me a more present and engaged communicator.

As well, Shaun’s relaxed and informative instruction, especially around learning a script, will stay with me always. Never did I think I would be able to recall lines of a script…but weeks later, they’re still there.

Christine Guy

Shaun is an invaluable asset to anyone who takes their acting career seriously.

It’s easy to keep training at the same place and get comfortable but the job of the actor is always changing, so Its good to shake things up. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started training with Shaun, but my expectations were blown away immediately!

Shaun is so passionate about teaching acting and it shows. Compared to other classes I have taken, you get a lot of time on-camera, giving you multiple takes to explore as an artist. The class environment is a great place to fail, learn and try new things. Shaun is an invaluable asset to anyone who takes their acting career seriously.

Joel Labelle

The Self-Tape Study he has since created has become an invaluable part of the growth process for my clients, and for my business.

Prior to the arrival of Covid-19 I was recommending Shaun’s Scene Study class to those on my roster who were looking for their next challenge. The Self-Tape Study he has since created has become an invaluable part of the growth process for my clients, and for my business. Trying to keep performers engaged in their craft during an industry shutdown, while everyone is dealing with financial hardship, health concerns, and issues of mental and emotional well-being seemed impossible.

Having a safe and cost-effective option to offer my clients was not only a welcome distraction during dark times, it allowed them to hit the ground running when the work returned.

I have received incredible notes from performers who have worked with Shaun. They continue to take his classes, and reach out to him for private coaching. They are exploring more, and elevating their performance with every tape, and it is a joy to watch.

Alicia Faucher (Agent)

Attending Shaun’s Scene Study Class has been an absolute boon for my work as an actor. It was recommended to me by some colleagues and, despite attending numerous on-camera classes in the city, I was blown away. My time there provided me with a reliable set of tools for approaching auditions and an open, focussed environment to experiment in. The weekly scenes kept me off balance and encouraged me to trying new things, while also helping to illuminate bad habits and hang-ups that were holding me back. 

Shaun is exceptional at tailoring his approach to where you’re at and focussing in on areas that need improvement. He takes the time to get to know each and every student in his class, and has a sincere dedication and passion for the craft that is absolutely contagious. His instruction manages to strike a balance between rigour, practicality, and compassion that is exceedingly rare in most acting classes. It is a joy working with Shaun and I would highly recommend his to class to any actor, regardless of skill of level. 

Blue Bigwood-Mallin

I thoroughly enjoyed Shaun’s Sandbox Intensive and learned a lot. Shaun presented clear, simple, and effective ideas and techniques on how to approach a scene so that the performance is “real” rather than “acting”, in a playful and fun environment.

The exercises started very simply and built on each other beautifully. I learned a significant repertoire of useful tools and ideas in four weeks, that I will be applying in preparing for future auditions and roles. Highly recommended!

Harold Tausch

Taking the Self-Tape Study with Shaun has revolutionized my practice.

It has changed the way I think about not only self tapes, but also about my entire process as an actor. I’ve taken 4 or 5 iterations of the Self Tape Study and each time, I grow and discover new things about myself and about my process.

Shaun is an incredible teacher, providing support, listening and challenging you to drop the bullshit. He has a great ability to crack what isn’t working for you in a scene and turn it into something simple, something playable (and fun!).

Shaun is an incredible teacher, providing support, listening and challenging you to drop the bullshit. He has a great ability to crack what isn’t working for you in a scene and turn it into something simple, something playable (and fun!).

The biggest take away for me has been how much joy has come into my practise. I no longer feel stressed when I get auditions, and instead have a lot of fun working on the scenes.

Christina Fox

Taking the Sandbox Intensive absolutely changed everything for me. Prior to working with Shaun, I had worked with many coaches who offered me little to no foundation and no structure when it came to approaching a scene. I was lost, confused, and overwhelmed when I got auditions. Then, I decided to take acting foundations with Shaun and it all changed very quickly.

From the first class, I realized how important this class is for EVERY actor to take no matter your experience level because it offers a solid foundation into the world of acting.

His approach is so simple to understand, so easy to grasp and fun to apply. I feel confident, I feel like I know what I am doing now when I see a scene. I know how to break it down, and I enjoy doing it. I also really love the fact that he makes sure his students get out of their head and into their bodies with all of his exercises.

But the most important thing for me, was that he took his time with each and every student – which is something that I feel like most classes lack. I honestly cannot recommend this course enough! It is one of the best things I have done for myself as an actor.

Thank you, Shaun!

Yarine Pernia

Shaun began teaching me online during the pandemic and at the time I was just starting my “career” in acting and learning all the 101s and etc. Honestly, at first Shaun himself was very truthful and didn’t shy away from letting me know that if we didn’t work out its okay for us to go our separate ways. And right off the bat if your coach says that, you know you’re not getting scammed anytime soon (haha!).

Little did I know he ended up believing in me more than I did with myself and gave me the strength, the skills, the tactics, the passion to genuinely get better over time. It’s not easy and he doesn’t make it easy. At points he makes sure you learn how to criticize yourself (in a good way) so that you can “perfect” all angles and stay humble at the same time.

In less than a year I’ve done things I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing for several years out. And I without a doubt owe it all to Shaun.

It’s hard to describe magic, sometimes you just have to come see it for yourself. 

Omar Saleh

For me, Shaun McComb’s Scene Study class is defined by the obvious passion for the craft that radiates off Shaun and through the whole studio. It is not unusual to see Shaun watching his students from the edge of his seat – physically (and sometimes audibly) cheering them on. This genuine enthusiasm for his students’ growth and success is evident in all aspects of Shaun’s teaching – from the carefully selected scenes which at times challenge, frustrate, play into your strengths, or push you out of your comfort zone, to the care he puts into personalizing notes and feedback. Despite incorporating seemingly universal techniques, Shaun’s teaching is never didactic or one-size-fits-all. Instead, Shaun’s keen observations, and ability to translate concepts into the terms each actor understands most clearly, creates a one-size-fits-one personalized work experience.

Shaun’s no-bullshit personality is tempered by his obvious passion for the work and genuine care for each of his students. On a technical level, Shaun’s Scene Study class has helped me streamline and organize my baseline prep process. In addition to incorporating new concepts and techniques, working with Shaun helped me reframe familiar techniques to prioritize play over rigidity which has, in turn, breathed new life into my work and allowed me to reconnect with the joy of acting itself.

I first took Shaun’s class at the recommendation of a friend and walked in feeling very nervous, rusty, and out of my element. However, Shaun’s warmth and willingness to get into the weeds with me began breaking down that anxiety almost instantly and I now have no hesitation giving the same recommendation to any friend or actor. I have found Shaun’s class at The Dirt to be unfailingly useful: you get A LOT of time on your feet in front of the camera, and the class ensembles Shaun creates mean you’re surrounded by, and working with, an ensemble of equally passionate and hardworking actors who are genuinely inspiring and supportive of one another.

Carmen Kruk

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