Movement Workshop:

Learn how to physically inhabit your Character on Stage and on Screen

Jonelle Gunderson will be teaching a two-hour in-person workshop that will be both practical and investigative — getting you out of your head and into your body.

This is not a dance or choreography class – students will be able to benefit from the exercises regardless of your movement background.

Hour one: We will be looking at a series of simple exercises used to focus the mind, free the spine, and ‘drop in’ to the inter-sensory experience. There will be a combination of floor, chair, and standing work.

Hour two: We will explore emotional and physical character-building; utilizing a core emotion or role from another class at the Dirt, a past audition, or audition scene. 

  • How can we marry a physical kind of storytelling, with an internal sensory experience? 
  • How can we distinguish between ourselves (and past experiences) and the characters we build, in this kind of work?

Jonelle’s training:

  • Jonelle is presently training in a movement modality called the Mitzvah Technique, which focuses on postural issues, habitual movement, and deeply embedded trauma. 
  • Additionally, most of Jonelle’s writing and acting work is geared toward understanding the body… and its influence on our inner narratives and emotional selves.

Date: Monday July 11, 5:00-7:00pm EST at The Dirt

Cost: $75 inc. hst (early-bird rate $65)

  • This workshop will be limited to six participants. Sign-up will be first come, first serve.
  • More questions? Please email

To register click here.

Jonelle’s workshops have taught me how to work with my tension, not against it, and to see my body (especially my spine) as a moving thing, as opposed to striving to hold the “correct” posture all the time. This made a huge difference on camera! I felt so much more grounded after her sessions, and felt free to explore tension in my on camera work. I’d recommend working with Jonelle to anyone!

Ashlyn Kusch

March 14 @5:30pm free 75 min online workshop w/cynthia chan
hst information workshop for actors

You will learn:

  1. Whether it’s advantageous to get an HST number
  2. Strategies on how to pay HST + tax instalments
  3. Cash flow strategies to help keep you organized

5:30-6:45pm EST – click here to register

November 23 2021- free financial workshop for creative professionals w/cynthia chan: learn how to save + spend money responsibly

11:00 am – 12:30pm EST – click here for more info.


“I was thrilled to participate in Cynthia’s “Finances for Actors” workshop. This topic is not often discussed. As actors our income is very inconsistent and Cynthia created concrete steps on what to do with every paycheque to stay organized come tax season. After the workshop I felt more confident and one step closer to understanding the complexities of my financial situation.”

Andrew Fleming

“Very grateful for these opportunities to dive into self growth with Cynthia and Lana. The workshops are always interactive, comfortable, and create a safe space to do work that everyone would benefit from!”

Allie Dunbar