All workshops are online and led by Dr. Cynthia Chan.

“Very grateful for these opportunities to dive into self growth with Cynthia and Lana. The workshops are always interactive, comfortable, and create a safe space to do work that everyone would benefit from!”

Allie Dunbar
march 4 – understanding actors’ finances

11:00am – 12:30pm EST – click here for more info.


march 27: exploring secret roles in relationships

11:30am – 12:30pm – click here for more info.

I took the Mindfulness Online Workshop with Cynthia and Lana, as a actor I found it very insightful and opened me up to other techniques to breaking down relationships in my scenes.

I was working on a scene for my next class and I used the techniques discussed to breakdown my character’s relationship with the other character even deeper. Also what the other character might going through and their situation.

It opened me up to new possibilities, I will definitely be using some tools in my acting to enhance my scenes.

– Chris Langenzarde