Self-Tape Study

$170 – One session (2 weeks) of the Self Tape Study

Students may choose to work on:
*Self Tape Audition scenes (prerequisite)
Phone scenes
Revisiting past auditions
5 min short film creation



The Self Tape is a two week online intensive offering acting techniques and processes for the self tape and Zoom audition forums. If you are looking to break free from the spin cycle of panic, memorize and shoot a thousand times or are curious about gaps in your own process, the Self Tape Study offers a flexible curriculum with ample group and individual coaching sessions. The work focuses on character development, environment, and script analysis, all working towards the simplicity of real and informed play.

You may choose to work on:
– An audition scene – selected from the Dirt’s vast library
– MOW sides – this is really useful
– Revisit an old audition – so good for so many reasons, tough though
– Monologue – the actor must provide the material
5 minute short film creation – with a focus on acting
– *Phone scene, newest addition. Collaborate with a fellow actor on a scene written specifically for the telephone. Each actors shoots a self tape version of either side of the conversation.

The Study includes:
6+ hours of individual coaching, group discussion, and exercises.
Pages and pages of resource and instructional material. 
Access to video lectures on the Study’s approach and concepts.


Live online meeting – 1:30-3:30pm

Online office hours

1st self tape take due by 11am, notes and coaching in the afternoon
Notes are 1/2 hr, one-on-one Zoom sessions. 1-6pm
*Notes sessions can include self tape review, notes, feedback, exercises, open discussion, working moments and sections of the sides, and strategizing at-home rehearsal

One-to-one online coaching sessions and meetings.

2nd Monday
*Guided Exercise and talkback via Zoom. 12-2pm
– Different exercise each session
1/2 hour online coaching sessions are also available by appointment

2nd Tuesday
Online office hours

2nd Thursday
Final self tape take due by 11am
Notes are 1/2 hr, one-on-one Zoom sessions. 1-6pm

2nd Saturday
One-to-one online coaching sessions and meetings.


“Taking the Self-Tape Study with Shaun has revolutionized my practice.”

Christina Fox