Self-Tape Study

Self-Tape Study: Tutorial based training + Audition Coaching w/Shaun McComb

The Study’s philosophy:

The experience of self taping can be artistically satisfying and fun, and should produce compelling storytelling. As the industry standard for auditioning shifts to the self tape format, the accessibility of self taping also offers a forum to continue to train and create work of a high standard consistently.

The Self Tape Study began as an online training curriculum in response to the Covid lockdown measures. Now it serves as the moniker for Shaun’s private coaching practice.

Students and coach sketch a training plan, refining it as interest and problems and auditions arise. Scene selection, homework, exercises, self tape assignments, and schedule and deadlines are personalized to the aspirations and practical needs of the actor.

Coaching sessions run approximately 60-70 minutes and are primarily held online.

If you are a NEW STUDENT please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM.


Single, short notice audition coaching:

Self Tape Study pre-booking rates
1 session – $75
2 sessions – $140
3 sessions – $205
4 sessions – $270

For all questions and concerns and for pre-booking email,


“Taking the Self-Tape Study with Shaun has revolutionized my practice.”

Christina Fox