Krystina Bojanowski (actor)

There are many reasons to work with John, but chief among them is this: John is not a pedagogue. With him, there is no right or wrong choice: no prescribed method for “good acting”. He meets you where you are and brings out your strengths – even the ones you weren’t aware you had. (Directly because of our first coaching session – an audition that I booked – I now box.) He runs his classes with humility, humour, and generosity; his classes are a space to work. He took the initial terror out of film work without dismissing the skills that I brought from the theatre world, and continues to help me navigate both mediums. If you are looking for someone to help you find the process that is uniquely yours, John is your man.

Credits: (Anne with an E, Reign, Seams, Romeo and (her) Juliet; National Theatre School of Canada)