Peyson Rock (actor)

When I first came to study with John, I was at a low ebb in my approach to acting.

I had lost much of the fun of performing, and each new project or audition brought on a sense of dread rather than one of excitement and possibility. Working with John has helped me to rediscover the joy of acting.

Not only does he encourage actors to try bold choices and risk failing spectacularly, but he meets each performer exactly where they’re at, judgement free. Having someone who is able to speak directly to my specific mental blocks and habits has been challenging, and ultimately deeply rewarding.

John’s unique insight and incisive direction have been invaluable to my growth as an actor, and I now approach each project with a confidence and curiosity that I will continue to develop thanks to him.

Credits: (The Way Home, Sex/Life, Romance Retreat, Saving Hope, Baroness von Sketch)