Shaun James McComb joins The Dirt…

We are ecstatic that Shaun James McComb will be joining our teaching roster and starting a brand new On-Camera Scene Study class on Tuesday evenings, in March 2019. The new class (The Cycle) will be geared towards those new to the craft or are looking to re-examine their technique by working at a slower pace than John Gordon’s regular and advanced On-Camera Scene Study classes. Shaun will also be co-teaching Monday afternoons with John Gordon starting in March.

More about The Cycle: As actors we can spend a lot of time trying to be ‘good.’ Perhaps this elusive goal is set because we simply need the next job or we want some sort of feeling of success to justify our life choices as an artist. At the Dirt, we understand that that pressure we put on ourselves can restrict our playful impulses while in the act of make-believe. The Dirt has honed in on some key concepts that The Cycle unpacks to bridge the gap between technique and play.  By working at a slower pace The Cycle aims to keep acting fun, develop strategies to utilize the actor’s natural nerves, and form a vocabulary that ignites a free imaginative flow from analysis to practice to performance.

More about Shaun: Shaun is a graduate of Humber College’s Theatre Performance. He completed the Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre Training at the Stratford Festival under principal David Latham. Shaun had a short stint in the MFA program at York University and is now currently completing his MA at the University of Guelph where he is also teaching acting. Along the way Shaun also studied privately with a variety of on-camera coaches including John Gordon. Shaun splits his time between Toronto and Guelph, where he grew up.

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