New Online Curriculum for Session 3…

Being in a class, on a screen, may be the last place we need to be right now.  The Dirt always aspires to be a space where people can have fun training, not just grind away, worrying if our peers are gaining ground or leaving us in the dust, whatever that means.

Most importantly, if being in a class right now doesn’t feel right, trust that voice! The Dirt is not going anywhere and there are many different ways for us to grow, or simply get through these days so we can come out the other side.  

That being said, we’ve had time to reflect on requests from students who are ready to study and in doing so we’ve developed an Online Curriculum that (a) brings us back to the theatre and (b) demystifies and emboldens actors when prepping self-tapes.    

The first option will be taught by John Gordon. The World of Annie Bakermay be just the thing to get us through these tough times.  Ms. Baker’s seven plays are hilarious, moving and full of surprises and John is looking forward to reading and hearing how the interior life of her wonderful characters may help us better understand the time that we currently find ourselves in. John’s Theatre Study will consist of a weekly 3 hour class taught over video conferencing over a 4 week session.

The second option will be coached by Shaun McComb. If you want to develop your self-tape audition technique, these week-long sessions will enhance self-directing skills and will reinvigorate the audition process as a whole. Shaun’s Self-Tape Audition Study curriculum will include multiple self-tape submissions and 2 video conferences.

The full description of both courses can be found here. 

Registration for classes beginning next month will be Friday May 1.

Thank you to all our students and whether it’s over video or in-person later in the year, we look forward to connecting with you again!

John, Shaun, Cynthia + Britt