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John Gordon and Shaun McComb:

Scene Study Class w/ John Gordon

What am I responsible for bringing to my acting and what do I leave to inspiration? These questions never end, they are different for every actor on every day and it’s a teacher’s job to help an actor with these questions as they prepare to be on set, on stage or in the audition room. In these classes, actors will learn their strengths and what they need to work on in front of the camera. Points of emphasis will be: seeking out visceral objectives; the belief that an objective is attainable; finding compelling obstacles through both character and in-depth script analysis; and learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable while working in front of the camera through breath and physical awareness on existing film and television scripts.

This is a class for working film and television and theatre actors.

Maximum number of students: 8-10 (depending on Zoom or in-person)

Online classes will be held by video via Zoom conferencing. In-person classes will be held at the studio.

** For In-Person classes 4-6 students will study during a 2-3 hour period of time.

* The Master/Advanced LEVEL class is for actors who are working regularly in film and television and theatre or who have studied with John for at least two terms. *

IN-PERSON One session (6 classes)$500 inc. hst
Early-bird rate$450 inc. hst
Payment can be sent by e-transfer to (use password “dirtunderneath”)
ONLINE One session (6 classes)$375 inc. hst
Early-bird rate$325 inc. hst
Payment can be sent by e-transfer to (use password “dirtunderneath”)

IN-PERSON Scene Study Class w/ Shaun McComb

Class is back.

Restricting classes to waves of six actors offers time and space to insure that each session’s curriculum is personalized to the group’s work on that day. Shorter classes, two hours only, feels just about right in terms of comprehension and energy conservation. It’s a rather good situation.

A two-camera, scene study class using material pulled from modern film/TV. Scenes are approximately 3-4 minutes in length, unless working something specific. You are cast five days prior to class, with prep notes if necessary.

Shaun’s work focuses on story analysis, character development, honouring the imagination, and play.

*Actors may rotate between sessions from week-to-week based upon availability and interest. Please refer to the application form for more details.

*Each application process is different, so please anticipate Shaun getting in touch with you via-email prior to the session’s start.

Please click here to check Shaun’s testimonials for any questions about the class vibe.

The Self Tape Study is on-going, click here for more details.

IN-PERSON One session (6 classes) $450 inc. hst
Early-bird rate$400 inc. hst
Payment can be sent by e-transfer to
ONLINE One session (6 classes) $350 inc. hst
Early-bird rate$300 inc. hst
Payment can be sent by e-transfer to

I had a very short notice for my Kim’s Convenience audition and immediately called John. He challenged me to dig deeper into the scenes and reminded me to slow down and work moment-to-moment. He gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and truly bring myself to the work.

Nicole Power