Testimonial from Tracey Hoyt

Tracey HoytIn the work with John, he might ask: “Best case scenario?” or “Worst Case Scenario?” before you begin a take.

After recently completing his 6-week Masterclass, here’s my takeaway, from worst to best:

Worst Case Scenario?

I will forget the basics.
I will revert to old tricks and habits.
I will hold onto my “mistakes.”
I will forget to take care of my partner(s).

Best Case Scenario?

I will dare to soar and to fail within the safety net of my courageous peers and a coach/director who has been there.
I will focus on the undeniably connected moments with my scene partner(s.)
I will be gentle on myself as I navigate new skills and play character types I have never been considered for.
I will embrace and celebrate my vulnerability and my willingness to keep growing, over 30 years into my career.

Tracey Hoyt  (Guidance, Len and Company, Decoys)